Our mission

Our mission

  • Multiple applications of vacuum packing
  • Vacuum packaging retards bacterial growth in raw or cured foods, keeping their qualities intact for a longer life.
  • lt enables rational storage and a quick response to demand.
  • Controlled temperature cooking is an increasingly popular culinary technique due to its numerous advantages. Vacuum packing the I
  • food is a required condition of this technique.
  • Packaging food in a protective atmosphere is useful for both
  • enha ncing the conservation and presentation conditions of the products and for packing fragile products that would not withstand airless packaging-
  • Freezing vacuum-packed products keeps foodstuffs under optimal conservation conditions .
  • Vacuum packaging is not only useful for food but also for other products that require special protection.


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Our vision

The profitability and economy of vacuum packing

lt enables better organisation of the workday and to make use of downtime to obtain the maximum yield per man-hour.

It enables regular dosage of the portions, which in turn allows accurate cost control and reduction of waste.

Since it is isolated from external contaminants, vacuum packed food is stored under the best hygiene conditions .

Packaging foodstuffs in a protective atmosphere is useful not only for improving conservation and presentation conditions but also for packing fragile products that would not withstand airless packaging- It enables better stock control and rationa I ization of procurement. Moreover, larger orders can be placed since vacuum packing enables food to be stored for longer periods, thus reducing

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